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Looking for something special and completely unique in your new home?

Custom Homes

For those who want something truly special! We can work with you from your initial idea, and ensure you get the very best of designers and trades people in our industry.
Our highly skilled and experienced designers and trades people bring that next level of finish and style to your luxury home to make it stand out from the rest. This option is all about bringing your vision to life in a custom home designed specifically to suit your lifestyle.

Our Process

How we do it

1. Discovery Phone Chat

Find out about how our custom homes work. We will briefly discuss

  • If you are considering a knock down rebuild, is it possible
  • What the initial costs are
  • What design and styles you like
  • Commencement and completion times
  • Things specific to your situation

2. In-office or on site consultation

This meeting is to ask questions and understand exactly how the process works. We will cover the important things like

  • Which designer is best suited to your style
  • In detail explanation of initial costs to expect
  • Expected times to get to contract stage
  • Detailed discussion about design stage and build stage
  • Expectations of budget vs build

3. Designer meet & preliminary review

Get excited its time to meet the designer

  • Meet with one of Brisbane best designers and chat about your build and what you like
  • Learn about build costs and what can be built to your specific requirements and budget
  • Discuss if town planning is required and how we can help navigate it for you
  • Review Tide's initial agreement contract and how it works

4. Customise plans

You’ve signed up, now its time to enjoy the process

  • Meet with our Designer to review the initial plans
  • Receive the first refined build estimate
  • Begin to refine the plans to maximize value

5. Engage Consultants

Let us do the heavy lifting

  • We will engage Engineers, Town planners, Soil tests and all the other stuff that can be so painful to navigate on your own.
  • If your block has any specific requirements such as overland flow these things will be arranged at the same time
  • If you decide to engage an interior designer we will begin this process too

6. Proposal Review

You’ve made your selections and you love the plans

  • A final review of the plans and selections is undertaken to ensure you are completely happy
  • Any minor tweaks or changes you like are done here
  • We will discuss build times and contracts here to ensure we are ready to go

7. Contract Signing

Time to build your forever home!

  • This meeting is for us to review and ensure you are comfortable with every step so far
  • We will then show you then build schedule and go through each meeting we will have thereafter during the build, to ensure you get to see everything first hand and how it's built

8. Build Time!

We don’t leave you in the dark here either

  • Each fortnight you will be invited to meet us on site to walk through your build
  • We will review locations of services, plumbing, electrical and even minor framing just to make sure you are happy with it, we know it can be hard to visualize sometimes. So we do this to make sure you have total control all the way through

is this the right service for you?

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