Design your dream home

Your Designer Home

What we do

Provide a custom designer home without the cost and stress.
Offer multiple base designs and prices so that you know where to start.
Take care of everything from the first meeting right through to the handover of your new keys.
Have hundreds of design options and finishes, so that no two houses are ever the same.

Why we do it

We have developed this system for clients who want a custom designed home that comes with peace of mind that it will be a smooth and easy process.
We involve you in the design and selection process to give you the freedom to be creative with your design and not be locked into standard layouts and finishes.
We build on challenging blocks that requires more than a basic designed house, meaning you don’t have to be scared of sloping of difficult blocks; we can easily make our designs work to your block.
Clear set out timelines and processes, so that you know exactly what is involved right from the start with no surprises.

value and pricing

Tide has set starting prices for different designs, giving you clarity right from the start to see the value in your project.
Smart designing of facades and spaces to give a high-end feel to give you the most value from the build possible.
With builds starting from 800k we can cater to every budget.


Tide can help you find a block of land if you haven't got one. We have a network of real estate agents that can find and potentially secure lots you may not have access to yet, so you don't have to waste your time scrolling through websites for hours hoping you don’t miss an opportunity.
If there is an existing house on the block we can help you determine if it can be demolished or not, and assist with the cost planning.
We can work with sloping and unusual blocks, meaning you can still have an affordable custom home without a ridiculous price tag just because the block isn’t flat.