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New Home Builders

Choosing Tide Constructions as your New Home Builders Brisbane

Do you feel like you’ve outgrown your current home or space? Would you like a new home environment that’s modern, stylish, and fits your lifestyle?

Everyone deserves to live in a home they love and any dream is possible to achieve when you have an expert and experienced team to support you.

Tide Constructions is a new home building company in Brisbane ready to produce a space to suit your lifestyle. With more than 40 years in this field, we have handled many new home building and renovations projects in Brisbane. Our team are knowledgeable in building high quality luxurious homes.


Transparent New Home Builders in Brisbane

Once you feel that building a new home is the best way forward, you can contact us at any time.

We love a good challenge

Gone are the days when most new home builders Brisbane would shy away from complex ideas. We are ready to listen to your ideas. Irrespective of how complex the ideas seem, we are ready to find the most modern and appropriate solutions.

Our team is ready and equipped

Tide Constructions employs the best construction personnel in Brisbane. We will use our experience, skillset, and modern technology to ensure that your dream is no longer a ‘dream’ but a reality.

All our staff have appropriate certifications and licenses to handle any new home builds in Brisbane. On top of that, our team are friendly and compassionate people, who are a pleasure to work with.

Call the New home builders Brisbane Specialists

Why should you build a new home?

Although it’s a significant investment, a new home building project comes with numerous benefits.

  • You get a space that fits your family

  • Your home becomes an ideal entertainment hub

  • Enhanced comfortability

  • It also increases the value of your home

Is your idea possible to achieve?

Whether it’s an idea that you saw on Pinterest or it’s a vision you have always had, we can achieve it. We equip our team with the best tools and materials to ensure that they are ready to tackle even the most complex tasks that come with a new home build in Brisbane

How much will the project cost?

All costs are dependent on the complexity and the size of the new home build in Brisbane. We’ll have to sit down with you to see what the project requires. From then on, our team will develop a suitable quotation relative to your unique build.


As experienced new home builders in Brisbane, we have the expertise to produce a home you will love. Call us via 1300 646 616 today! You can even email us at We will get back to you within the shortest time possible.

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