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Builders Bulimba

Work With a Team Of Friendly and Experienced Builders Bulimba

Do you want to build a luxury home that fits your lifestyle? Or do you desire to create some extra room or space in your current home without having to move to a new location?

Building an ideal space for you and your family can be hectic. You need to consider many factors, including the size, lifestyle, costs, and excellent builders to help you bring your vision to life.

At Tide Constructions, we understand that every homeowner has specific needs for building, renovating, or extending their current home.

Our team of builders have a reputation for helping families create an ideal space that suits their budget and needs. Additionally, our friendly and compassionate team have the required experience, knowledge, and equipment to ensure that we bring any design brought to us to life within the agreed time frame.


Why Our Builders Bulimba Are Reliable

Over the years, we pride ourselves on providing quality workmanship to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the new designs. Our company provide services such as:

  • House raising and build under
  • Full house renovations and extensions
  • Luxury new builds
    The reason why homeowners trust us is that:

    We don’t shy away from new ideas

    Our team of experienced builders will sit down and listen to your needs and ideas. Regardless of how complicated the design could be, you can be rest assured knowing that our contractors are not afraid to take on a challenge. We will do everything possible to bring the vision to reality.

    We have a straightforward process

    Building a new home can be daunting process. Thus, we’d like to provide a stress-free journey from the initial meeting to completion of the project. You can be sure that our lead contractor will explain everything and update you during the project.


    Tide Constructions – Your Trustworthy Builder Bulimba Specialists

    How long with the project last?
    It depends on the size of the project. However, we can assure you that we’ll strive to finish our work within the agreed time frame and provide a schedule to you prior to commencing works.

    Will you implement all my ideas?
    Some ideas are harder to implement than others. Our assurance as experienced builders is that we will do everything possible to bring the concept to reality. We will offer alternative ideas to ensure that you can get the desired outcomes for your project.

    Do we have to move out during a renovation?
    When we carry out major renovations, we always advise families to look for an alternative place to stay. Nonetheless, we can still work out a plan to provide secondary exits for safety reasons.

    Our services range from major renovations to full new builds, and everything in between!


    Contact us today on 1300 646 616 if you’d like to work with experienced builders in Bulimba. The team at Tide Constructions have the experience and expertise to provide the results you have always envisioned.


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