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Seamless House Extensions Brisbane 

As your family grows, the space in your home may not fit your lifestyle. Therefore, you may need an extra bedroom, a larger kitchen, living room, bathroom, garage, or even a more storage space.

Instead of moving out and leaving a space that your family loves, a house extension in Brisbane can be a viable option. Compared to moving out entirely, it can be an alternative option; it increases your home’s value and creates a comfortable space for everyone.

If you are looking for an ideal house extension specialist in Brisbane, Tide Construction is the team to work with. We are experienced new home and renovation builders that offer high-quality home extensions at a cost-competitive price.

House extensions Brisbane

Our House Extension Services are the Best in Brisbane

Homeowners come to us because we offer high-quality solutions in house extensions in Brisbane including:

Therefore, you can count on us because we provide:

Excellent workmanship

Our greatest strength lies in our experience and a hardworking team. A team that’s ready to listen to your ideas and create suitable solutions that will bring your vision into life. Besides this, we always ensure that we use up-to-date technology and long-lasting solutions.

Transparency at all times

Apart from listening to you, our professional builders will ensure that they keep you up to date. We aim to include you in the house extensions Brisbane process from start to finish. We’ll also hold a series of meetings to ensure that you are up-to-speed with everything.

Tide Extensions Brisbane – Seamless Home Design and Construction

Are house extensions worth it?
A house extension is a significant investment for any homeowner. However, high-quality house extensions in Brisbane will increase the value of your home. It will also improve the value of your home, boosting your lifestyle.

How long do house extensions take?
Our professional engineers and designers will provide a schedule at the beginning of the project. We always want to take the shortest time to finish the project while maintaining high-quality standards in the building process.

Do I have to move out during a house extension?
Our goal is to ensure that house extensions in Brisbane are seamless. Therefore, we’ll do anything to ensure that you and your family are not affected by the extension process, however it is not always suitable for all clients, depending on each unique project

If you’d like a house extension builder that offers innovative solutions, feel free to contact us via 1300 646 616. Our customer representatives can’t wait to help to you create your ideal space.

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