House Extension Builders Brisbane

Get In Touch With The Best House Extension Builders In Brisbane

A house extension comes with numerous benefits. Creating extra bedrooms, bathroom and living areaswill improve your home’s value, your family’s lifestyle and help you bring your dreams to reality.

There is a lot to consider before extending your home.  We have carried out many large scale renovations so know where the challenges are and how to resolve any issues that may arise quickly.

That’s why Tide Constructions is the team for you. We understand that the extension process can be stressful; hence, our house extension ensures a stress-free process by providing exceptional building services. We also aim at deliveringwell thought out designs that are ideal for your family’s lifestyle and needs. Feel free to talk to us today if you’d like to speak with our house extension builders in Brisbane.

House Extension Builders Brisbane

Why Our House Extension Builders Are Trustworthy

Our Tide Construction team have a combined experience of over 40 years. Most of our clients stick with us because:

Our work is thorough

We always strive to ensure that we provide a service that goes beyond your expectations. Additionally, we have a list of suppliers who supply us with quality building materials at an affordable price.

Safety is our guarantee

During the project, we want to ensure that your family is safe. We take steps throughout the whole process to maintain the safety and security of the site and protect 

Your ideas are welcome

During the initial meetings, we’ll discuss the project with you to hear what you have in mind. Our team of builders in Brisbane will tell you what’s possible and what’s not. However, be assured that we won’t shy away from any ideas, regardless of how complicated they can be.

Tide Constructions – Extension Builders Brisbane – We’re Ready To Bring Your Ideas Into Reality

Should I buy a new home or carry out an extension?

All of these options will depend on your needs. Nevertheless, house extensions are an affordable option if you don’t want to move out of your current home or sacrifice the memories that you created in your existing space.

Is a house extension costly?

One of the things you’ll have to consider when doing a renovation or house extension is cost. We have a team of experienced extension builders who will help you design an affordable and ideal plan for you and your family.

How long will the extension take?

We get asked this question all the time.  We will provide a timeline based on the scope of works before a contract is finalised so you know the key project dates we’re working to.

Contact us today on 1300 646 616. Our team of house extension builders in Brisbane cannot wait to hear from you to discuss how we can produce a space you will love for years to come.

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